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COVID-19: Message to our Families from the CYA Board of Directors

CYA Members,

Due to the current COVID-19 status and recent directives by Governor Northam,  CYA Sports & The Fieldhouse have suspended normal operations to safeguard our staff, members and their respective family’s well-being.  During this time, as news warrants, we will be communicating to you via email and social media. 

A message from our Board of Directors.

CYA Membership,

The situation we find ourselves in is truly devastating.  We have never experienced an event remotely close to this and there are no obvious solutions to the extraordinary challenges we are all facing.  We want to take this opportunity to provide you all with a “State of CYA” report and while brevity is always best, we need to offer more detail than usual in an effort to keep our members fully informed. 

Given the Governor’s decision Monday - March 23rd to close schools for the remainder of the academic year, we have no choice but to put the spring sports season on hold until the Governor’s directive is lifted.  CYA and all youth sports organizations are reliant on public facilities (gyms and fields) and they simply aren’t available in the coming weeks.  We will remain hopeful that the shutdown will end sooner rather than later and we can resume all of our spring sports activities. 

CYA has an incredible professional staff who administer programs and provide support to the army of “over-achieving” volunteers who make our sports so special.  Last week, we had to take the extremely difficult action of laying off the part-time staff at the Fieldhouse.  These are predominantly young folks who have become part of our family.  If you have participated in events at the Fieldhouse, you likely know our staff and appreciate the awesome job they do.  The Fieldhouse is sitting empty now.

CYA purchased the Fieldhouse in May, 2018 with a vision of providing the community with a central location that supports many of the activities that keep our members healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally.   And that goes for ALL of our community members from the youngest who play in our kids room while their mom’s workout to the seniors who have built the largest pickleball group in northern Virginia right here in the Fieldhouse… and all age groups in between.  The Fieldhouse truly has become a tremendous source of pride for all of us and it takes a significant amount of money to keep it going every month.  Clearly, that money is no longer coming in.

Regarding CYA Sports, we start planning for the spring season months ahead of the actual start date which is typically mid March.  There are significant purchases that need to be made such as uniforms, equipment, league fees, insurance, administrative expenses, facility prep and the list goes on.  These expenses are covered by the registration fees we start receiving in January and the funds are utilized all spring to administer the programs.  Unfortunately, the majority of expenses are “up front” costs and the fact is, we have incurred many of those costs already as we were poised to get the spring season going this week. 

The CYA Board of Directors and professional staff have been in contact with many state and local officials in an effort to make sure the stimulus package includes programs like ours that are so vital to the welfare of the community.  We have been assured by our Senators and Congressional Leaders that non-profit organizations are most certainly part of the discussion with the recognition that CYA has to be able to weather this storm and get up and running quickly once it passes.  We have recently been involved in conversations with the Northern VA Chamber of Commerce and learned that phase 3 of the stimulus package may contain $25B earmarked for non-profits.  We will certainly be actively pursuing support through that package.

The CYA Board of Directors will continue to explore all options available to minimize the financial impact on our members while taking the actions necessary to ensure that CYA is ready to continue providing outstanding service to our community once the Governor lifts the closure order.  Discussions are ongoing as to how we work through a late spring season and even a fall season depending on how long this situation persists.  In the meantime, we will defer any refunds for our spring sports due to the reasons identified in this letter.  Your patience and understanding during this difficult time is truly appreciated. 

CYA turns 50 years old in a few months and you may have noticed our soft rollout of the “Purple Reign” campaign that was designed to celebrate our accomplishments since 1971.   We would have never guessed that the coronavirus would jeopardize that celebration and we are asking for everyone’s support at this time to make sure the CYA Legacy is kept in tact for another 50 years. 

Be safe everyone and Thank You for your support.  We will be in touch as news warrants.

Board of Directors
Chantilly Youth Association