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Fieldhouse Spectator Policy - Winter 2021-22 Season

UPDATED: 12/3/21

Important Information Regarding Winter Activities at the
CYA Fieldhouse!
The winter season is our busiest, most congested time of year at the CYA Fieldhouse. As most of you know, the building wasn't designed with an abundance of seating for spectators. The pandemic has highlighted the challenges we face in keeping everyone safe and our goal is to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.
We are going to allow spectators under the following conditions:
1) One adult spectator per family. If there are siblings participating at the same time, only one spectator is allowed for the family. Non-participating children will not be allowed to spectate.
2) It is strongly encouraged that all spectators wear a mask while they are in the building.
3) If you are wishing to spectate, you must walk into the building with your participant. Spectators will not be allowed to walk in separately. If you leave the building while your participant is playing, you WILL NOT be allowed to re-enter the facility.
4) All spectators must remain in the designated café area. Spectators are NOT to be roaming around the facility. The café will be standing room only. No outside chairs are permitted.
5) When your athlete is done, please do not congregate inside. This will help us manage the flow of traffic entering and exiting the facility
All these measures are designed in the best interest of our customers. If these policies cannot be followed, we will be going back to the no spectator rule for the remainder of the winter season.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!