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Coaches Information

All coaches must be listed in the CYA database to be assigned to teams. If a coach did not volunteer when signing up their child, they must do so via the Volunteer Background check link on the main CYA webpage ( All head and assistant coaches must undergo a background check through the KidSafe program – your information is now sent automatically when you sign up to coach either when registering your child or by going to the Volunteer Background Check link. Only those coaches who have been cleared can be selected by the League Administrator as coaches – all coaches need to be on this list by the time that games start in December. NOTE: Sign up for Basketball Grade 1, Basketball Fall/Winter Grades 2-8, or Basketball Grades 9-12 as appropriate. If problems occur during the season, coaches should raise any issues with their league administrator first and then go if needed to the Boys or Girls commissioner or deputy commissioner. If no response is forthcoming, go to the Basketball coordinator (Rick Shryock) or (Dan Dschuhan) Assistant coaches who have children playing in the league can only be named after the draft. If both the head and assistant coaches are under age 21, they must have an adult supervisor present at the game and at practices. 

Teams and team formation Teams in grades 3-8 are generally selected through a draft system using a point system based on player rankings in the skills assessments. Grades 9-12 do not hold assessments. NOTE: Unless approved by the board representative, assistant coaches whose kids are playing in the league cannot be selected prior to the draft. Coaches in grades 3-12 must provide their commissioners with team rosters after the draft so that these can be provided to the CYA registrar. If league administrators need help registering the teams in the database, they can ask for help from the CYA registrar or CYAcommissioners. All roster changes after the draft must be approved by the league administrator. Let the administrator know if any player has dropped off the team; the administrator should then inform the registrar or the commissioner. Each team must have 3 volunteer building directors—the coach, assistant coach, and a parent. Individuals can become VBDs by watching a video and taking a test on the Athletic Services website ( The certificate, which must be in the VBD’s possession at games and practices, is good for two years. HINT: Print out the manual on the VBD page and have it available when taking the test.

Facilities CYA uses more than 15 school gyms plus 2 private facilities (Nova Fieldhouse in Chantilly and HoopsPlus in Sterling; NZone is no longer available). The cost is $32 per hour for the school gyms and $80-90 an hour for the private facilities. Space is at a premium since the Recreation Dept. does not give us all the space that we need. During practices the coach or assistant coach can serve as the team’s volunteer building director. At games, this job must be carried out by a non-coaching parent. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that non-participants are respecting school property and not engaging in unsafe activity. County BDs are used at Franklin, Carson and Herndon Middle Schools. Food and drink: In all gyms and private facilities, the only food or drink allowed is water in clear containers or bottles. At all facilities, coaches, players and spectators must respect the instructions of all building staff under all circumstances. Gyms are subject to cancellation even at the last minute due to conflicting activities or weather. If a team arrives at a facility that the school staff says is closed, they must respect that directive. Coaches can call the CRS gym hotline (703-609-8870) to check on the gym status and help iron out any possible schedule issues. Gyms are also subject to closure due to weather. Coaches should enroll in the FCPS emergency notification system, Keep in Touch, at The status of school gyms due to weather can also be checked at the FCPS website (, by calling the hotline 703-324-5264, or by checking TV Channel 21. In addition, CYA will post weather-related cancellations on its website ( For the Nova Field House (formerly known as Hoop Magic and Nova Sportsplex), call 703-865-8925; for Hoops Plus, go to their website,

Equipment League administrators will request scorebooks/icepacks/balls etc from the CYA quartermaster, Dale Howell. If a coach notices that a game bag is short on scorebooks, icepacks, etc., they should notify their league admin. Coaches should know who is responsible for bringing and retrieving the clocks to games each week. CYA will try to store clocks at Carson, Poplar Tree and Rocky Run but all other facilities will need clocks brought by the coaches according to the league administrator’s directive.

Referees House referees are provided for grades 1-8. The referee coordinator is Monica Despins (, 703-283- 3794) who has a number of individual referee schedulers who make the actual assignments. House refs are paid $10-$30 each per game depending on the grade level and their experience. Report any problems with house refs to Monica. Cardinal referees are provided for grades 9-12 and sometimes 8B at a cost of $40 each per game. These are scheduled by VP of Operations (Dan Dschuhan). Report any issues with Cardinal referees to

Rules The Winter House rules are posted on the Basketball tab of the CYA website, Points of emphasis are listed below: o Participation/substitution rules (Grades 2-8): mandatory 2 quarters + restrictions on extra playing time o Time Outs and overtime: 2 timeouts per half for grades 1-6, 3 full/2 30-sec per game for grades 7-12; 1 2-min overtime o Mandatory defense: grades 1-4 must play man-to-man defense in all games. Grades 5-12 can use man or zone defense. o Crush rules: 10 points in grades 2-8, 15 points in grades 9-12 o Uniforms and equipment: no jewelry or hardcasts o 9-12 grade and 8B rule changes: 1) foul shot lane entry on release, 2) limitations on hand-checking ball handler

Scheduling Regular practice times are allocated to coaches by the league admin through the CYA Basketball scheduler. Coaches can request make-up space through league administrator, who will request from the scheduler. This is usually not possible for school holidays when all gyms closed because the volume is too great. Note that gyms are not closed on teacher work days. The master league game schedule is done by the CYA Basketball scheduler based on the team assignment and will be posted on the CYA scheduling website ( The league administrator can request changes as need before the start of the season due to known conflicts. Please notify the league administrator in advance of any anticipated game cancellations (so we can notify the refs) and request make-up space (limited supply) through the league administrator. Note that game day forfeits will generally not be made up. Each coach will have a login ID and password to view team page. To get a new PW, just click Sign In button at top right of main page then enter your email address and click sign in; PW will be sent to your email address. Coach can send emails from team page to team members, post information for team members, and view team game and practice schedule.

Results and standings The league schedule, game results, and standings will be posted at Winning coach should enter game results within 24 hours of game. Standings will be calculated automatically. If you enter incorrect game results, notify your league administrator who can fixthem.

Sportsmanship issues Any harassing of refs or players by spectators, coaches or players is strictly prohibited and offenders will be asked to leave the gym. Play may not recommence until the individual has left the gym. Any sportsmanship technicals levied on players, coaches or spectators must be reported to the league administrator by both coaches. Players, coaches and spectators ejected from a game are banned from the subsequently scheduled game. Sportsmanship issues should be reported to the Sportsmanship Coordinator, Rein Kiewel, at

Coaches training and resources There will be a Girls and Boys coaching clinics for grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8 at a date and time to be announced. All teams for grades 1-8 must send either the head coach or assistant coach to this clinic. In addition, all HS-aged coaches (head or asst) must attend this clinic. If for some reason you cannot attend, please notify your league administrator who in turn will notify the boys or girls commissioner. Coaching resources posted on both the CYA main website (Coaches tab on Basketball page) and the Basketball scheduling website (go to the coaching tab) 12. End of season events There is a CYA end of season tournaments for grades 4-12 and all-stars for grades 4-8. League admin will provide details 13. Trophies/awards All first and second graders receive a CYA provided participation trophy. For grades 4-6, there is a trophy provided to the winners of the end of season tournament. For grades 7-12 the winners receive a souvenir t-shirt. 14. Important ContactInformation